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Bail Issues

Today 7/26/2020 I observed the Orange County Corrections "Initial appearance Live at

The presiding Judge kept referring to release with the Orange County Corrections Pre-Trial Release program as FREE to the accused. I find this not to be true. There is a cost to Orange County Supervision through the Pre-Trial Release programs. Especially if there is any drug, alcohol, domestic screening. The cost of supervision is not Free. There is Hundreds of Thousands "if not Millions" of Tax Payers Dollars paid to the Orange County Pre-Trial release programs for the cost of supervision. Also, The presiding Judge at Orange County FL Initial Appearance lowered the accused bond from $500 to$100. Stating that she would rather have the $100 go to the State than a Bondsman. The monies do not go to the State initially. They are held in trust by Orange County depending upon the defendants appearance. If he fails to appear then the $100 goes to Orange County. If the original bond was kept in place at $500. Orange County would receive $500 paid by the Bondsman and or cash depositor. At no cost to Tax-Payers. As it is there is no monetary penalty for failing to appear while out on Orange County Pre-Trial programs. Please feel free to watch Orange Counties Initial Appearance Live at to form your own opinions. I am Open to any comments, suggestion and/or opinion. Keep it respectful or you will be blocked. #ninthcircuit

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